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Solution Market

Visiting the Solution Market is special.
Contrary to trade fairs, government market places and standard conferences, here you get in touch with companies and organizations in a personal and hands-on manner.

Visitor information

This Summit — unlike others that are sit, listen and network events — is a hands-on work summit where your challenges can be presented to Solution Providers in a personal meeting including the track, where you can both work on ready to implement road maps.

The structured way of problem solving within the 3 tracks is enhanced by the active involvement of those who offer the solutions. Both startups and established organizations can get to know the solution providers new technology, new products or new services.

The fact that these solution providers are each linked to different shackles of the food supply chain further enhances the efficiency towards a solution road map.

For our vistors, we promise:

  • Immediate access to a pool of technical, financial, product and service solutions
  • Targeted specifically on the food supply chain
  • Hands-on collaboration with the solution providers
  • Validation of the solutions in a structured problem solving setting
  • Networking and exchange of information in an inspiring setting
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Would you like to participate?

For Solution Providers, we offer:

  • Validation of their products and services against real-life problems
  • Targeted collaboration with the Summit’s partners and its participants
  • Potential follow-through upon the collaboration during the Summit (these problems/issues are real)
  • Assisted networking during and after the event (The New Fork’s network goes beyond the Strike Two Summit.)

What kind of Service Providers?

  • Farmer Communications Platforms
  • Ag Robotics
  • Better Logistics Solutions
  • Fintech Solutions
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Traceability Tech
  • Sensor Tech
  • Funding and Investing
  • Development Support

During our events we strive to offer a broad range of targeted solution providers that will offer fresh views and ready to implement products and services.

Are you offering solutions for the Food Supply Chain?

If you, your company, organization or startup want to part of the Solution Market, please click below

The invite-only collection of attending professionals, in combination with the validation panel of high-end specialists make the cost of being part of this marginal. This is the best EUR 495,– (ex VAT, per company) you can invest.

For any questions, comments or inquiries get in touch with Jan van Iperen, via email or phone [EST/GMT-5]

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Increase Efficiency. Scale Productivity. Strengthen Sustainability.

CropIn is an intuitive, intelligent, self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. We deliver decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agri-businesses. With capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation and insight that span across geographies, we’re digitizing every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem.

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The new era of charity arrived

180’s vision is to transform the global development aid & impact focussed commercial sector by hugely reducing current project costs. The 180 blockchain powered platform will achieve this by directly connecting donors to receivers inneed of assistance. The 180 app will be used to manage worldwide donations, local salaries and project payments scalable to millions of people in need of work and assistance. For a fraction of traditional costs, without using banks, in just a matter of seconds.



Connecting the last mile

AgUnity is a social enterprise founded in 2016 with the ambition to help change the lives of the 2-billion unbanked last mile communities in the world. Tackling issues of poor connectivity, a lack of digital literacy, and a lack of trust, AgUnity has developed a smartphone and super-app solution for the world’s last mile communities, a simple mobile product restoring trust, and connecting smallholder farmers with the services they need.

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Blockchain / Internet of Value & Trust

Product incubation creating distributed ledger (or blockchain) inspired solutions. Enabling decentralized services such as marketplaces, self sovereign identity & custodian services on smartphones

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Let’s fix the food system.

Our platform allows any food brand to:

  • Discover their supply chain. Intuitive cascading invitation and on boarding.
  • Trace their products. Send and receive digital batches of goods on a public blockchain. Trace back every batch until the farmers. Connect farmers to platform through SMS.
  • Verify Brand promises. Verify with farmers whether they received a fair pay for their produce or not (through SMS).
  • Engage consumers. Show traceability & verifications to customers on online interface.
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International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Increase prosperity and improve human nutrition in the tropics through research-based solutions in agriculture and the environment.

CIAT is aimed at harnessing the power of new information tools and participatory methods to influence decisions, practices, and policies. CIAT develops more resilient, productive, and profitable varieties of crops. CIAT produces scientific evidence and proposes concrete and viable solutions to sustainably manage agro-ecosystems and landscapes.

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Farm Credibly

Farm Credibly simplifies financial services for underbanked farmers. We bring together multiple entities within farmers’ business network on behalf of farmers. By getting data from suppliers and distributors, a trusted and secure farmer profile is established. Farm Credibly empowers creditors with the means to reduce risk in issuing loans and micro-investments to underbanked farmers by leveraging Blockchain technology to provide alternative credit scoring.

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Hallo Boer

Find all local products and produce anywhere near you

HalloBoer is a place where you can find local products, discover local activities or do business with our farmers directly.
Whether you are a consumer, organize an activity, or run a restaurant: HalloBoer connects everyone who likes to eat, discover, make and sell regional products.



Enabling the Next Generation of Insurance for Agriculture

IBISA is a B2B platform where local partners globally on-board farmers in the mutual community to share their weather-related risks. It uses blockchain as trust machine and to lower admin and operational costs. It uses satellite data to scale up damage assessment without using ground truth. It does monthly assessment & pay-outs removing the need of filling claims and providing timely compensation.

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Democratizing the future of farming

Blooom is a fully integrated, soil to shelf tech platform for sustainable food supply chains. On the surface, Blooom is an elegantly simple, lightweight smartphone app — at its core, it is a series of algorithms on the cutting edge of agricultural technology, powered by the cloud.
Blooom – The innovation rests on three pillars: (1) Blooom, our fully integrated, soil-to-shelf tech platform, (2) our last-mile enterprise delivery network, and (3) our ecosystem integrator approach.

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No matter how big or small your land, we optimize your agricultural outputs.

Agrisim optimizes the farmersland and answers the main questions ” what should I grow on my land ”, ” how much money will I earn ” and ” how do I realize that?”. Agrisim is a decision-making and support program that uses different data with different algorithms and is a turnkey solution in sustainability for smallholders farms everywhere in the world. Agrisim runs more than 3K crops, vegetables, fruit and trees and calculates the future income.

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The New Fork

Global Food Integrity

With a focus on Food Integrity on Blockchain, The New Fork is helping companies and organizations to understand and implement Blockchain in their food supply chains.

Besides that The New Fork brings together all stakeholders in the Food Supply Chain during a very hands-on summit called Strike Two Summit.

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