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Strike Two aims to accelerate transparency, innovation and circularity of food. It brings together the global digital ecosystem that underpins these goals. Collaborate on roadmaps for success, build relationships for the future and translate ideas into commitments and action.

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Many of us agree that we need to transform our food system towards a more circular food system.
This transformation requires a system change. Strike Two Summit brings that system together, in one place, to accelerate that transformation. We’ll offer our visitors ready-to-use digital solutions that enhance the transparency, circularity and sustainability of our food. We’re doing this together with amazing partners.

The Netherlands is ahead of the curve in digital agri-food solutions. Therefore, many of our tracks are focused around Dutch-grown solutions. Ready to be used in any place.

The summit is highlighted with ‘track’ themes that range from blockchain solutions that make farm buyouts possible, to building consumer trust and safety with fraud-free digital food twins.

Strike Two Summit is the first of a yearly recurring event that will connect the coalition of the willing.

Three events

20 feb 2020



/ Commodities

Ahold Delhaize & AgTrace

/ In – Export Tarifs


/ Compliance


19-20 sept 2019


Trust (Done)

/ Food Safety

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/ Food Quality

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Food circularity

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22 nov 2019


Income (Done)

/ Farm ID


/ New Business Models


/ Carbon Neutral Farming

CGIAR & The Fork

/ check the aftermovie of the Consumer Trust Summit held 19-20 sept.

Aftermovie Consumer Trust summit


A more transparent food system not only impacts the environment in a positive way, it also empowers the consumer and the farmer.


We need transparency and circularity to make our food system more sustainable. And we need digital solutions to get there.


Let’s re-think the way we use resources for agriculture. Digital innovations can have a big impact on changing the way we choose food, make food and transport food.

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