Shark Tank

StrikeTwo Shark Tank: 2021

Date: December 1st, 14:00 CEST  |  Location: Online event  |  Public Welcome

Who are the sharks?

The 2021 sharks represent a variety of funding mechanisms – everything from potential to join a world renowned accelerator programme, to grants and open calls, to impact-focused venture capital.

Head of Frontier Innovations
10+ years experience catalyzing change to build better communities in emerging markets through science, technology, innovation and corporate partnerships. I am an expert in science and technology policy and innovation programs that advance global prosperity in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I have in-country experience in 15+ countries across Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia.
Chief Executive Officer
Experienced banking and investment executive, with a strong focus on both impact and returns. Pragmatic and problem solving approach, believing that true team work is the way to achieving the best possible results.
Sourcing deals, co-executing deals and supporting portfolio companies at 4impact, a social and sustainable impact tech venture capital fund. We invest in and support visionary entrepreneurs who we believe will deliver meaningful and measurable societal impact, combined with generating a compelling financial and sustainable return. Our focus is Dutch businesses who operate in the areas of economic inclusion, environment and health & wellbeing and have an ambition to scale internationally.
AgriTech Enthusiast
Elke is currently responsible for the digitalisation portfolio of the new GIZ Fund for the Promotion of Innovation in Agriculture, i4Ag. She has over 10 years’ experience working in rural development in several countries, with a particular focus on land governance.
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Pitching at this event means:


Getting your name and mission out in the public eye.
Building an audience is key to attracting funding.


The StrikeTwo Sharks will be participating in the summit itself so take the opportunity to get their input early in the process to be pitch-ready by December 1st!


1:1 funding conversations.
The end-goal of the pitch event is for the track owner to spark enough interest with 1 or more sharks, leading to 1:1 conversations about how to proceed to funding.

There is an abundance of expertise and enthusiasm amongst StrikeTwo participants. This results in solid innovation roadmaps and personal commitment from participants to drive the roadmap forward. If you ask past track owners what challenges they face post-StrikeTwo, chances are they’ll tell you the same thing: funding. That’s why in 2021 we’ve made it easier than ever to reach and develop relationships with industry leaders with access to various funding sources.

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