Strike Two is leveraging tech to future-proof our food system

In 2019 we hosted three live events where we explored and engaged with the digital innovations making our food system more circular, sustainable and future-proof.  202o has ushered in a new way of working and we will be recreating the magic of StrikeTwo in the digital space. Each Thursday in November we will innovate, co-create and continue the journey, albeit from the comfort of our own homes or offices.

The future of food exists in a world where smart agriculture, smart production, smart logistics, smart trade, smart consumption and smart financing come together. Blockchain is a promising technology to make this happen. It can fundamentally improve our food systems: it provides a ‘single layer of truth’, can better guarantee food safety and stimulate circularity along the supply chain.

We bring industry leaders, start-ups, investors, governments, research facilities and civil society together in one place to share digital solutions and accelerate the adoption of existing technology innovations. Our goal is to connect initiatives that develop digital solutions from farm to fork.

At Strike Two Summit, you’ll get to explore one specially curated track by one of our amazing partners on a topic of your preference. Each track offers its own innovation market with +20 solutions, where industry leaders and start-ups display their market-ready technology innovations. All focused around the challenges in our food system we face today and tomorrow. During our events, you’ll gain a deep understanding of blockchain applications and you’re able to meet and connect with like-minded people.

We don’t need new tech solutions. We need stronger adaptation of existing solutions to make our food system more circular and efficient.

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Global Challenges

Improve agricultural productivity in a sustainable way to meet increasing consumer demands.

Deal with complex environmental challenges like water and air pollution, food waste and degrading soil.

Start the future of farming for the next generation of farmers.

Make our food systems more efficient, inclusive and resilient.

Assure consumers of the quality, safety and fairness of products to build trust.

Grow digital international collaboration and trust in a complex world.

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Leading the global
food innovation

In 2019 we had the joy of welcoming innovators and collaborators from all 6 habitable continents. StrikeTwo 2020 makes that even easier in the digital space. By using a combination of familiar online tools and a platform by Mighty Networks, we will continue our cross-border, cross-industry, cross-function collaboration with a view to change the food system as we know it. 



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Amazing Partners