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Expected Track Topics – November 2020

Track participation is invite-only or by application

We curate track participants to ensure maximum output for each project. If you haven’t been explicitly invited, but still feel you have something exciting to contribute, click the button below to apply to participate in a StrikeTwo 2020 track!

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TBC – Mexico to NL: Deforestation Free Avocados, hosted by Rainforest Alliance and the Dutch Embassy in Mexico.
TBC – Footprintarian – Making sustainable consumption achievable and fun. Hosted by Protix, Noorderlicht, the city of Amsterdam and The New Fork.
TBC – Preventing food fraud in baby feed.



Sustainable Farm Income

In the wake of COVID-19, strategies need to be deployed to secure our food system through tech. Hosted by CGIAR.

TBC – Knowledge sharing for improved farmer livelihood, hosted by Bluenumber and Blooom.
TBC – Local market access and streamlined farmer financing, hosted by FTMA and Agriwallet.



Sustainable Open Soy
Tracing of Deforestation-free Soy from farm to fork. Hosted by retailer, Ahold Delhaize
TBC – The future of online retail. Hosted by online retailer, Picnic.

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Farm Income