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Living income and true-cost pricing are concepts synonymous with supply chain improvementHow, with extremely complicated commodities like coffee, can we make this possible?  Blockchain promotes honestyradical transparency, and connects our farmers and consumers directly. Put lightly, blockchain has the potential to turn the Agrifood industry on its head and make development aid redundant as a result of fairly distributed value across the global supply chain. 


The FairChain Foundation’s mission is to stimulate and support business models that contribute to a TRULY fair distribution of the wealth across all participants in the value chain. The Foundation’s objective is to limit the need for development aid with sustainable consumption. We collaborate with and contribute to business models that create positive externalities and are purpose driven to positively impact ecosystems.


The rise of new (transparent) technologies, open-minded companies and vocal global consumers has created a powerful recipe for change. Technology serves as an enabler in a system that unfairly distributes value across the supply chain. The vision of the future includes purposeful and social enterprises. Enterprises that share the value they create with all participants and stakeholders in their value chain and play their role in combating global poverty and managing our planet.

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