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Plant-based protein, such as soy, are produced and traded in enormous quantities and therefore have a major impact on the environment and economy. Soy is bought in bulk and used as feed for livestock, and also used as an ingredient for many products. That makes it difficult to track and trace.


World-leading Dutch food retailer Ahold Delhaize facilitates this track together with AgTrace, a digital food safety management program. Other participants include Cargill, leading the world in integrating food, agriculture, finance and industrial products and De Heus, an internationally operating company who produces and markets high quality animal feed.  This program connects users with the information, resources and training they need to ensure that their operations are complying with all appropriate food safety and security issues required by regulatory agencies. They offer an accurate and verifiable traceability program for the food supply chain, starting from farm and flowing through to the processor.


You’ll get the chance to learn more about the complex supply chain of soy, understand why transparency and sustainability in this food chain is both necessary and difficult to achieve. We’re going to dive into the webs of certifications schemes and alliances, and look at the sustainability issues regarding soy. To ultimately understand how leveraging novel digital solutions and technological innovations can help accomplish more integrity in these supply chains.

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