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The need for circular food systems is rapidly increasing worldwide, mainly due to increasing scarcity of natural resources and growing population pressures. The Netherlands is leading the development of solutions for circular production. During this track, we’ll focus on a Dutch-made solution that we’ll try to apply on a global scale too.


The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) facilitates this track in collaboration with a bakery and a farmer. The Fork, a blockchain for food company, will join to moderate the session.

Join sustainable food brands and organizations working on Sustainable Development Goals, and impact investors in this track.


We will look at the sustainability of bread as a case study. Bread is an important food product in The Netherlands. But if you think your bread is a sustainable product, think again.

We’ll zoom in on a supply chain in the north of The Netherlands, where a blockchain solution was used for circular production of bread.

Questions we’ll answer are: how can we use blockchain to establish value of the crafts in the supply chain? At farm level, for millers, for bakeries and for consumers. How can we scale this blockchain solution to national or even global levels?

/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

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/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

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