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Today’s consumers are more educated than ever before, and more likely to do research on the products they want to purchase – thanks to the internet. Indeed, consumers are asking for products that meet their high standards on a large-scale. They’re demanding more information on food origins, ethical sourcing, certifications, food safety and quality.

The ScanTrust team is excited to be a part of such a large-scale summit where many of the participants and other track owners are also working in innovation and digital solutions in food tech. We’re also interested in seeing what sorts of solutions participants come up with through the solution market and innovation road map, and look forward to speaking with and learning from others running various digital solution projects.


Founded in 2014, ScanTrust is a smart packaging company that provides secure product digitalization to brands worldwide.

ScanTrust enables brand owners to protect against counterfeits, monitor unit-level traceability of products, and drive end-user engagement through secure digitalization. Through secure patented QR codes, a cloud-based software, and blockchain technology, ScanTrust securely digitalizes physical products, enables supply chain traceability, and helps brands directly engage with end-consumers. ScanTrust has offices in Lausanne, Shanghai, Singapore and Amsterdam.



ScanTrust and Unilever are running a first of its kind large scale commercial roll-out of a food traceability project. Consumers purchasing Unilever’s Knorr soup products can trace the entire supply chain of Knorr’s pork ingredients from farm to fork through a simple scan of a unique ScanTrust QR code printed onto each Knorr pack. In addition to the traceability element, the QR code also directs consumers to a dynamic and personalized experience with every scan. ScanTrust’s technology securely digitalizes information across the entire supply chain and makes it readily available to customers.

We want to use the platform to:

a) share our solution and insights,
b) learn from experts handling different areas of food/blockchain,
c) get connected with more brand owners/potential partners.

Many of the issues being covered at the summit are ones that we as a company feel strongly about, and we felt like it was important to be a part of this inaugural summit where participants all come together to discuss how to work toward a safe, transparent, and digital future in food.

/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

The Program for the Upcoming Event

/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

Consumer Trust will be hosted at two locations

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