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Consumers show more and more concerns about the safety, quality and origins of their food. Blockchain can provide the solution: when all ‘blocks’ along the food chain make data available to each other, we can safely digitalize this data. That way, blockchain has the power to bring much-needed transparency and traceability to consumers about the food they’re eating.


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IBM’s Food Trust Network is built on blockchain and aims to increase consumer trust. IBM believes that by using blockchain as part of a collective, they can bring more transparency to consumers. Blockchain allows businesses to grow while at the same time increasing food safety for consumers. “We want to bring the full story of the food to the customer,” explains Sandra Calabre, client executive at IBM France.

During this track IBM and partners will tell you everything about the partnership and the blockchain-based Food Trust network. Through a case study of mashed potatoes, you’ll discover how large supermarkets in France used blockchain to provide their customers with valuable information about mashed potatoes.

/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

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/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

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By digitalizing transactions and information, we can enable everyone across the food supply chain to work more efficiently and honestly. From farmer, processor, shipper, retailer to consumer – with the help of a blockchain network, all those involved in the food chain can get immediate access to actionable food data. They’re able to tap into the complete history and current location of any food item and might even get extra information like certifications via blockchain.

When participants from across the food chain have made their data available to each other, intelligent software is the next step. Soft-as-a-service (SaaS) can then help to expand the food system.

Make sure your business too meets the new standards for food transparency – join the Food Trust network. Let’s all work together to make our food safer, reduce waste and increase access to essential product information.

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